Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gallery of Featured Crafters 4 - with tutorials

More featured projects for you to swoon over!  You can click the images to read the full posts.  Also, if there is a tutorial associated with the project, it will say TUTORIAL.

ENJOY!  If you leave comments on any of these posts, please let them know you saw them at KoolBeenz!

I thought this was totally unique and way cute.  Great for Spring & Summer parties.  This lovely garden of Flower Pot Cakes is made by Not Just a Housewife.  Yes, these are edible!  TUTORIAL

This is a great Spring or Summer project.  I am totally diggin' this.  I am always up for upcycling or re-purposing.  These beautiful flowers are made by Crissy's Crafts.  TUTORIAL

This quilt is absolutely beautiful, really caught my eye.  I love the cake shapes.  It's actually a table cloth for Birthday Parties!  How cool is that.  Piece N Quilt is the mastermind behind this piece.

Salt scrubs are great for the skin and they smell so good.  I came across this while reading blogs in Google Reader and wanted to share.  This is GrapeFruit & Lemon Salt Scrub made by Live, Laugh & Photograph.  TUTORIAL

Have large pieces of fabric that you just don't want to cut up?  Would you rather see them on your walls?  These fabric panels are made by Bella Dia and are very light weight.  This is a great project to spruce up any room.  Also great for showing off an entire fabric collection that you totally love.  TUTORIAL

For those of us that use recipes when we cook and bake, we knows what it's like to not have a great way to display the recipe so we can see it well.  It's usually flat on the counter, held in our hands, propped up against something, etc.  This is a great Recipe Holder made by Lil' Luna.  TUTORIAL

This is a really beautiful quilt, love the pattern.  It's made by Lalas Lovelys and I wanted to share it with yall.  You can click the image for the full post.  This quilt was donateD to charity.

If you love Sesame Street's Elmo or Cookie Monster, this is for you.  I came across these really cute pom pom keychains while doing a google search for something totally unrelated.  These cuties are made by Turtle Crafty Girl and would make a fun party favor for a child's party.  TUTORIAL

This is a totally awesome idea, a unique one at that.  It has been a while since I have seen anything quite like this and I just had to share with yall.  This Activity Wall with Sliding Ladder was made by Girl in Air.  TUTORIAL

With the kids going back to school sooner than we think, this is a great way for them to stand out amongst their friends and not get their backpack mixed up with someone else's.  These awesome packs are by Four Wise Monkeys.  TUTORIAL

This is a great way to re-purpose those catalogs & magazines you have lying around.  This nifty Flower Garland is made by Zakka Life.  I bet you could even spray paint it to coordinate with a room.  TUTORIAL

This lovely quilt is strikingly beautiful.  I thought many of you woule appreciate such beauty.  Made by Hyacinth Quilt Designs is this very pretty dresden pattern.  Click the image for more pictures.

For those that have home pools, this is a really cool sign to personalize.  This neat sign is made by Fireflies & JellyBeans.  TUTORIAL

A great way to re-purpose some cool looking cereal boxes.  I would love to have these in Franken Berry, Boo Berry & Count Chocula!  These retro type notepads are made by Infarrantly creative and are quite easy to make.  TUTORIAL

This is really cute and can be made for any season/holiday and any size circles.  Great for a girl's room or a party!  This Paper Ball Garland is made by Happy Clippings.  TUTORIAL

Okay, this is totally unique.  I would have never thought of this.  Basicly, you make a quilt pattern with PAPER!  Awesome idea and a great way to use old magazines & catalogs just lying around.  You could even use scrapbooking paper for this project.  I am seriously considering making one of my own.  Any template shape can be used.  This wonderful patchwork art piece is made by Going Home to Roost.  TUTORIAL

I love Rainbows and polka dots.  This covers both.  This beauty called BubbleGum Tree is made by PoppyPrint.  Click the image for the full post.

I love polka dots & circles.  When I saw this I knew I had to feature it.  This lovely quilt made by A Quilt Story is called Bubbly.  Click the image to read the full post.

This is a very cool project that anyone can do.  Great to get the older kids to help too.  Have you ever heard of Sand Casting?  I hadn't until now!  Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom show how simple it is to cast Plaster in Sand!  TUTORIAL

Most of us get phone books at home delivered if we want the or not.  Then we have expired phone books that usually just sit around.  I myself have like 5 old ones that I just never got recycled.  I found this great project and wanted to share.  This wreath is made by A Little Tipsy.  If you don't like the paper look, I guess you could always spray paint it.  CAN BE USED FOR NON PHONE BOOK PAPER TOO!  TUTORIAL

This is so cool, even I would play with it.  What child wouldn't want their own Hot Air Balloon?  This fun project is made by Bloesem Kids.  Can be made in any color & any size.  TUTORIAL

This is a really cute and unique way of making a photo album with a twist.  Most restaurants give you those round thick paper coasters and that is exactly what this project is made out of!  Thus, it's practically FREE!  This Drink Coaster Mini Album is made by Not so Idle Hands which is a blog that I have truly grown to love!  TUTORIAL

I love projects that are useful.  This is a great one that is so simple to make.  It can be customized to any event, any holiday, any season.  Heck, it can even be used in the craft/sewing room or even an office or child's room.  What about a guest bathroom?  This great project is by Decor-Ganize Crafts.  TUTORIAL

Another great project to make for gifts or to match your daughter's outfits.  Ideal for using up fabric scraps you don't want to throw away nor know what to do with.  These Fabric Headbands are made by Not so Idle Hands.  Really cute.  TUTORIAL

I have seen these all over the internet as they are very popular and apparently easy to make.  Why buy fabric to make these when you can re-purpose clothing that has gotten too small or is damaged.  These beautiful Hair Posies are made by Not so Idle Hands.  TUTORIAL

A popular gift this time of year are foam handwashes, especially from BBW.  For this project, you keep the foam pump bottles and re-use them.  You also learn how to make your regular handsoap last longer by turning it into a foam.  This idea is from Not so Idle Hands.  TUTORIAL

Fake makeup for girls can be quite expensive.  I remember having lots of play makeup when I was a girl but it didn't look as good as this stuff.  This is really cool.  The Fake Makeup Compacts are made by Not so Idle Hands.  Click the eyeshadow for the TUTORIAL.

This is a really great way for your children to keep up with what chores they are to do, even if they can't read.  This Chore Chart is made by Ladybird Ln.  TUTORIAL


  1. Cool! I especially love the Dresden quilt!

  2. Thanks for re-posting my bubble gum tree block!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my sand casting! Totally made my morning!


  4. Thanks for featuring my circle quilt. This quilt was one among 1600 quilts that went to help the victims of the tsunami in Japan. The quilts are still in transit, but I am sure will be warmly welcomed once they reach there.

  5. Thanks for the shout out for my phone book wreath!

  6. @Poppyprint
    Hey Poppy, you are most welcome. It looks great, why wouldn't I feature it?!

  7. @Suzy Myers
    This is a great idea, I plan to do it in the future!

  8. @Lee D
    Hey Lee, thanks for making such great work that the rest of us can enjoy looking at!

  9. @Michelle
    Hey Michelle, you are most welcome. It's totally unique. You may find yourself featured more in the future!

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