About Me

I am a born & raised Southern Gal.  Born in Alabama, went to Paducah, KY when my twin and I were 6 weeks old.  Grew up in Paducah, left at age 23 and moved to Nawlins to live with my twin while she finished university.  Then at age 25 moved to Raleigh, North Cackalacka and lived there for 12 years.  In Feb 2013 my hubby and I moved to Houston, TX.  I love Mexican, Pakistani, Indian, Bangali & Southern foods.

I have had pets all my life.  Our mom raised us to be animal lovers and rescuers.  We always took in stray cats & dogs from the streets as well as putting food out for the ferals.  I volunteer with a local no-kill cat rescue.  I make catnip knots toys for them to see to make money.

Even though I don't have children, I get asked quite often why I sew baby stuff. I started learning to sew back in 2003 but started KoolBeenz as an online shoppe in 2008. I've been meaning to restart my sewing business since I moved to Houston in 2013 but it hasn't happened yet, life got in the way.  My main focus is custom minky blankets because I find that the majority of what is handmade & sold online are premade pieces. I think that if given the chance, many people would rather choose the colors/fabrics themselves thus creating their own unique piece. I know I would want a custom piece.

As mentioned before, I have a twin sister (identical), she & I have been crafty as far back as I can remember. My aunt is a crafty person and I remember from a young age getting interested in different things because of her. Today, I make/do all sorts of things: Sewing, Crocheting, Rag Rugs, Jewelry, Magnets, Pastel Sketches, some Painting, Cold Process Soap, Mosaics, Cupcake Picks, Love to bake especially Cupcakes & Cookies, Sewing of course as I LOVE FABRIC and any kind of fun craft, ETC.  Scrapbooking was not for me, though it's a great craft.  I'm willing to try any craft once though.  I have a short attention span which is why I really dig quick crafts.  I do quite a bit of sewing but prefer fast crafts that can be completed rather quickly.  I love photography though I am not a pro.  Blogging & sharing my pictures on Instagram has become an active passion of mine.  I love bright colors, I need to surround myself with colors!

I have an obsession with collecting Chili Pepper & Tabasco Stuff.  My kitchen & Dining area are COVERED in stuff.  Anytime I see anything I have to buy it.  I also collect 4 & 5 leaf clovers, have been for several years now.  The idea came from my babysitter when I was in 2nd grade.  I used to watch her sitting on a blanket on the grass and sift through patches of grass.  Every now and then she would move the blanket.  In high school I picked up on the idea when I saw my first 5 leaf clover.

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