Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gallery of Featured Crafters 3 - with tutorials

Okay, my life is getting busier and it's easier on me to compile all of my favorite projects from the following week into 1 blog post.  These fun finds are from blogs that I follow or ones that I find in general.  This compiled gallery cuts down on your emails & Google Reader activity as well.  SMILE.  If there is a Tutorial associated with the project, it will say TUTORIAL.  I have lots of featured projects to catch up on, so there will be a couple of Galleries this week. 

If you leave comments on any of these posts, please let them know you saw them at KoolBeenz.

With school coming up soon for many kids across the nation, well, really the world................who couldn't use a fashionable rolled pencil holder?!  I found this in a google search and wanted to feature it.  It's made by Swede Heart.  TUTORIAL

Need a way to keep your weekly menu organized?  Lovely Little Handmades solves your problem with her pretty Weekly Menu Board.  TUTORIAL

We all have recipes lying around or stuffed somewhere, well, most of us.  I know I sure do!  Keep them handy, in order and attractively displayed in your kitchen with a new Recipe Box.  This is a great craft to re-purpose an old or even new box or tin that you just don't know what to do with.  The possibilities are really endless when creating recipe boxes.  This lovely piece was crafted by Delightful Order.  TUTORIAL

I came across this while reading blog posts that I follow.  I have never seen this technique before and wanted to share.  It's a quilt by Twin Fibers made with sew on ruffles!  How cool is that!  TUTORIAL

This is a totally cool idea!  I love it!  Great for those with Gardens or even if you get flowers just for this project.  This really can be used all year long.  How about some color turning leaves for the fall?  I imagine there is something that can be used for the Winter as well.  This neat Flower Petal Stained Glass project is by Artful Parent. TUTORIAL

I came across this beauty while reading blog posts and wanted to share.  I love rainbows!  It's a Mug Rug by Clover & Violet.

This is a very interesting quilting technique that I wanted to share.  This looks absolutely beautiful!  It's by Crazy Old Ladies Quilts.  TUTORIAL

If your spice cabinet is like mine, IT'S A MESS!  Craft Envy has an up-cycled & cute way to organize those darn spices.  One thing I would add is to remember the date of purchase when you buy new spices, find out how long the spices are good for & write the expiration date on the jars with a small piece of tape or something.  In case you didn't know, spices do expire.  TUTORIAL (she has 2 styles of spice jars).

For those of you with kids, this is great for you.  Keep the children interacted and busy with this neat craft project.  It's a board that shows 30 days of Summer Fun Activity Board by Sew Dang Cute. TUTORIAL

Many of us use placemats.  Check out these beauties!  These are made by Freshly Pieced.  TUTORIAL

Who doesn't love Fruity Pebbles?!  I could eat a whole box in one sitting.  I have made Fruity Pebbles squares like Rice Krispie Treats but this is a whole new way to do it.  This cute edible project is by Simply Designing.  GREAT FOR KIDS!  TUTORIAL

This is a really unique idea and a great way to use up 6 leftover Layer Cake sheets or any 8" squares.  These Fabric Puzzle Blocks are made by Craftiness is Not Optional and it's a really great idea.  I have never seen anything like it.  TUTORIAL

Potlucks are year round and many of us want to take food in a nice looking bowl though we don't have a cover for it.  So what do we usually do?  We cover with aluminum foil or something else unattractive.  Problem solved!  The Cottage Home make these lovely bowl covers.  You can use any fabrics at all, you can even make up a bunch for each season and for each holiday.  Or just sew them as you need them.  TUTORIAL

Love the wall art you see nowadays but hate the price.  Create your own with 3 basic and budget friendly ingredients or components!  2 of them most likely you already have at home, if not all 3!  I love this idea.  Great way to fancy up any room!  This is Fabric Wall Art that can also be applied to anything really (glass, wood, plastic, metal, etc).  Let your imagination soar.  This very cool project is by Sew Can Do.  TUTORIAL

Okay, so this is totally unique and I would have never thought of it!  This technique can be done on almost anything.  It's an Egg Shell Mosaic Vase by Crafts by Amanda. It's best to do this type of project right after Easter!  TUTORIAL

This is a very neat project that we sewers all could use.  I especially like the scrap bucket and the pockets.  This is made by Gwenny Penny.  I love the colors she chose.  I think I just might make me one too.  TUTORIAL

Another great wall art project but made with FELT!  How cool is this!?  And felt is relatively cheap, especially when it's on sale or if you have a coupon.  This groovy project is by Brittney's Budget Crafts.  TUTORIAL

Rice Krispie Treats are in so many words, an American staple.  This is a really cute way to make them into Teacher Appreciation Gifts.  Really, the idea can be turned into any shape..........pumpkins for Halloween, etc.  These cuties are by Nothing but Country.  TUTORIAL

We all use pens and why should we use boring pens when we can use AWESOME PENS?!  These lovely Pom Pom Pens are made by Sew Sara.  These could be made into all kinds of themes.  They would even look great just sitting in a pen cup!  TUTORIAL

For those that love wreaths, this is a really unique one I must say.  Great for Lua Parties!  House of Hepworth's is behind this twirly Pinwheel Wreath.  TUTORIAL

This is another great way to keep the kiddos happily occupied during Summer break.  This could also be used during Christmas/Winter Break & Spring Break.  It's a great project to do with the entire family.  The Summertime Activities Bucket List is created by Tater Tots & Jello.  TUTORIAL

Many of us love a great bag.  Especially when we have lots of things to carry.  I came across this in a blog post & wanted to share.  This beautiful bag is made by Hailey Lane Designs.  Click the image for the full post with lost more pictures.

I don't have children, but for those of you that do, this is a really neat type of reward system.  I personally would use it.  The Happy Tickets post is by Running with Glitter and there is a link on her page where you can get the tickets printable, which was originally posted in 2009 by Ambrosia Girl.

Clocks are in all of our homes.  Many of us get something regular & cheap.  Why not have a clock that has pizazz and personality!?  Tater Tots & Jello brings you just that in this Washi Tape Clock.  TUTORIAL


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