Monday, May 21, 2012

Hud Hud "Hood Hood" Bird in Saudi Arabia

I think these are very cool looking birds.  They are about the size of an American Cardinal and peck the ground like WoodPeckers.  When they get into a fight with another bird or want to scare off another bird, they puff up their Crown as shown below in the 3rd picture.  They are very common here in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia but not sure about the rest of Saudi.  I don't even know if they are found in other countries.

These pictures are from the internet as I wasn't able to get great pictures of birds in person without them flying off!


  1. Wow, fantastic! Those birds are real pips, by the look of it!
    Hey, I never seemed to get your newsletter, although I have tried to sign up twice. Still sending it?

  2. gorgeous bird! great pictures! love your in-flight shots. i'm a backyard birder and love all bird pix. thanx for sharing!

  3. @ritainalaska Hey Rita, these pictures are from the internet because I wasn't able to get good enough pictures of the birds without them flying away. I have never seen anything like this bird in the states. This bird is like half Zebra, half something else with how it looks. It's really neat to just sit and watch them. They just walk around the yard pecking the ground minding their own business.

  4. That is a cool looking bird expecially when he fans out his head feathers.

  5. Here in Italy we have them too, and this bird is called "UPUPA"

  6. Iy is marvelous bird.what price in market in India


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