Monday, May 21, 2012

Cool looking Soft Drink cans in Arabic

If you remember, I am in Saudi Arabia visiting my twin.  Here, they have many of the same products that we have back in the US but with a different look.  Since my first day here on March 13th I thought the soft drink cans were very cool looking.  I have been taking LOTS of pictures but haven't really posted as I am waiting until I return back to the US to post most of them, being that I may have more pictures to add to each blog post.

These are a few of the Sodas.  Here in Saudi they call them Soft Drinks.  Back in the US I personally call them Sodas but I know they are known by Sodas, Soft Drinks or Pop.  The bottom picture has the Arabic side when turned around.  Some of the Diet Soft Drinks are referred to as "Light" instead of "Diet".


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