Friday, September 13, 2013

Projects I Want to Try - Face Mask by Craft Passion

Like most people, I find projects online that I would like to try and make.  They could be general craft projects, sewing projects, quilting projects, hand embroidery projects, etc.  Instead of adding them to 1 page in my blog's tab section at the top, I decided to feature each one to share them with yall and help me keep track of them in one place.  Some of these projects will come with tutorials/patterns while others won't and you can use the pictures as a reference to create your own.  I will clearly tell you if a pattern/tutorial is available.

I honestly don't know how I found the Face Mask project below but bookmarked it for future reference.

In many places around the globe, including here in the US the air quality at times is poor from smog, dust, sandstorms, pollen, fresh cut grass, etc.  So I thought this was a great project to share with yall.  I personally would use it for if I am cutting grass, etc.  The Face Mask
pattern comes in 3 sizes (small kids, young kids, teen/adult)


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