Thursday, August 29, 2013

Look what my 2 August Fat Quarter Friend Swap Partners sent me!

For August I decided to swap with 2 people.  More fabric is "Funner" right?!  I think so.  I would never use the word FUNNER but am in a silly mood right now so, what the hay!  That should be HEY, but what the Hey, I put HAY!

I got some really great goodies!

My 1st FQ friend send me some very colorful & vibrant fabrics that I totally love!  I especially love the floral ones.  PLUS, she send me a thick & heavy quilting book!  I wasn't expecting that but was pleasantly surprised.  There's all kinds of patterns and pictures of quilts inside.

My 2nd FQ Friend also sent me some nice goodies!  She handmade me a small pincushion (the square on the upper right).  The pincushion has hand quilting around the edges, I forgot to take a picture of the other side as it has a different fabric.  The very middle has a red button sewn on.  The upper left is a heart applique that she cut from a vintage quilt.  Bottom right are some flag type post-its which are always handy.  Bottom left is some brown variant embroidery floss on what looks to be a handmade bobbin.  I'm starting to get into hand embroidery so this will come in handy too.  She gave me 4 very neat and vintage/retro looking Fat Quarters.

If you are looking to join a fabric swap, click the FQ Friends Swap image at the very top!


  1. What wonderful swaps. I have that same quilting book.

  2. Looks like a great month for wonderful fabrics and fun little gifties.


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