Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quilt Tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company - Periwinkle Quilt Block

I've been following the YouTube channel for Missouri Star Quilt Company for over a year now and love their channel.  Jenny Doan, the owner of the Missouri Star Quilt Company is so funny and is great at explaining the tutorials so they are easy to understand.

I not only love the name of this block, but love the look of it as well.


  1. What fun that periwinkle block is. I've seen these in the past, but never thought of actually making one. Thanks!

  2. What size are the background triangles? I have purchased the wacky little ruler & watched your tutorial & I get it but I don't have speakers on my computer. I cannot find the "periwinkle quilt pattern" anywhere. Help me!! I would love to make this quilt

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