Sunday, January 20, 2013

Easy Way to Match Threads at the Thread/Fabric Store

What do you do when you are working on a project, run out of a particular color of thread but need to go get more?  You could take your project with you to match the thread but who wants to do that?  What I do when I buy my threads is take a fine point Sharpie permanent marker and write the color number from the round end sticker onto the side of the spool.  This is great for those that buy thread online because sometimes the colors aren't "True & Exact" online and you may end up buying the wrong shade.

When that spool runs out and I am still working on my project I also quickly write down the type of color it is so that I can quickly zone in on the color family that I am looking for when I go to get more thread.


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  1. These are great ideas. I don't do this for my quilt but when I am sewing clothes for children or dolls I keep the pattern in a ziploc bag. When I start using the thread I pull the sticker off and stick it to the bag - this way I have the exact information I need when I run out. Otherwise I just wing it - not great but it tends to work out 99% of the time.


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