Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Craftsy Online Quilting Class - Machine Quilting with Templates

I am loving the Craftsy Online Quilting Classes.  I'm in the middle of one, will post on that soon.  I wanted to share this new class with yall, in case anyone would be interested in it.

The class is titled Machine Quilting with Templates - Creating Design Perfection by Kimmy Brunner

 I love the Craftsy platform for taking classes.  I can watch any of the lessons, over and over again which means I can learn at my own paceAccess to my classes will never expire.  I can ask questions and get feedback from the course instructor.  Course materials can be downloaded and Video Notes can be added to any part of the videos to refer back to later on.


There are 11 video lessons in all.  I think this is a great way to learn new quilting techniques that look really fancy.  To learn more about the course & to see a preview video, click either image above.  I'm thinking about taking this class myself.

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