Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Neat, Tidy & CLEAR Bobbin Storage (Tutorial)

I came across a blog post and just had to share with yall.  It's like, so ingenious!  Right now I have tiny colored ponytail holders on my bobbins, which I'm not completely happy with but needed something to wrap around my bobbins to keep the thread ends from running loose on me.  The threads still have a way of coming out from underneath.  My old bobbin storage system ended up looking like a rat's nest, sorry no picture of the nest.

Julie @ Stars & Sunshine blog shows how to organize your bobbins as well and keep them all wrapped up.  And you can clearly see what color is on the bobbin!  Click the image to get the tutorial & see her organizing system.


  1. I love this....makes me want to run out right now and get that plastic tubing...thanks for sharing

  2. Really great idea, mine area always unravelling and making a mess.


  3. Fabulous idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I was even impressed by your pony tail thing! I'll be sharing this with others, you bet!


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