Thursday, December 29, 2011

Make Image Transparent - Need Help!

I need a black and white image to be made transparent on the white part.  Can someone help me with that?  I have Publisher 2010 but the transparent button is not working.


  1. You can use gimp2 (a freeware program) if you want to layer the black and white image over another picture (which then should be seen instead of the white).

    Just open the background picture with gimp and then copy the black and white image and paste on the background. Go to the level / ebene tool and there you can use the mode "mupltiplicate". Save as jpeg. That was it :)

    There are a lot of other cool modes / tools to use, like that the black in the black and white image can be replaced by the background pattern. Looks also great :)

    Hope that may help :)

  2. @ Saraccino - Thanks for the info. By the time I got your comment my twin had fixed the image for me. Maybe someone else can use the info you provided.


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