Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter Fabric Scrap Swap #1

For those of us that sew, we always end up with scraps.  We never throw them away, thinking that we will use them one day.  Before we know it, our pile of scraps has multiplied, yet we are still not using them.  Maybe we no longer like the color, or the project we had in mind for them we no longer want to create.
Fabric Scrap Swaps are a great way to give your scraps a new home & get some fresh, new scraps for yourself to inspire your creativity.  Many sewers use these scraps for the popular Ticker Tape, Log Cabin & Bottled Rainbow Quilt blocks.  Scraps are great for other projects like patchwork even cat toys.

This will be our first Fabric Scrap Swap.  Below are the details if you would like to sign up/participate. 


1.  Add a comment below if you want to join us.
2.  Afterwards email me & give me your first/last name & address.  TabascoPeppers @
3.  Let me know if you have any pet allergies or if your scraps are coming from a cat/dog friendly home.
5.  I will notify everyone of their swapping partner the next day, Dec 1st.
6.  If you have LOTS of scraps that you would like to swap, you are more than welcome to sign up for more than 1 swapping.  Please let me know this when you email me.


1.  Be prepared to mail out your scraps package no later than Dec 5, 2011.
2.  This Scrap Swap is open to those living in the USA or Canada only.
3.  Scraps must measure atleast 4"x4".  This is so the recipient has a good sized piece to work with or even cut up.
4.  Scraps must be pre-washed, clean, good quality & in usable condition (no holes, stains, tears, etc)
5.  Please make sure that your scraps weigh 10-12 ounces total.  This will keep things fair & make sure everyone receives the same amount they sent.
6.  Scraps can be new or vintage.
7.  Make sure that your scraps are about the same weight (i.e. cottons, linens, light canvas) so that the recipient can use them for different types of projects including quilting.
8.  Atleast 3/4 of the scraps should be 100% cotton.
9.  Put them in a ziplock type bag or another plastic bag to protect them before putting into mailing envelope, preferably a padded envelope.
10.  This is extra, but if you like, you can include any extra sewing notions or thread that you no longer want.  Not required though.
11.  When you mail your package, please email your swapping partner & let them know.
12.  When you receive your package, please let me know.

Now let's start digging through our scrap piles!  Oh what fun that will be!

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