Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm Back & Ready to Blog!

Hey Yall,

I haven't really posted since the beginning of August as I have been on a blogging time out of sorts.  There were a couple of featured crafters posts over the past couple of months but those were scheduled before "I Clocked Out".

I have decided that the direction I want my blog to go in is more towards Fabric, Quilting & Sewing projects.  Though, I do dabble in other types of crafts EVERY NOW & THEN, the majority of what I do with my hands has to do with fabric & sewing.

In the past I featured recipes and general crafts.  Though we all love a great recipe or love craft ideas that kids can also do, I want to stay focused on fabric & sewing.

I will continue to have the Fabric Giveaways and also want to add a Fabric Scrap Swap each Season to help us all shed that "unwanted fabric weight" in hopes of getting scraps that we will actually love to use.


  1. I am so very excited about the direction your blog is headed because I love your blog and I love sewing and fabric. Glad you are back and hope you are refreshed. We all need to "clock out" periodically and regroup. good for you!!


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