Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What I've been working on the past 2 days

Hey Yall,

I don't know about yall, but my twin commissions me to sew things for her.  She's a busy mom of 3.  She asks me to sew different things, including fabric gift bags.  Well, I am finished with all 75 of them for this round and wanted to share.  Not that they are fancy or anything, but I like the fabrics.  These will ship to her tomorrow.  I pinked all the tops per her request.  I HATE USING PINKING SHEARS!  The bags are 6.5" x about 8.75"

What works best for us, since she lives overseas and doesn't have access to good fabrics is I go to Joann's, take pictures of the shelves of fabric and send via text.  While I am still there, she picks out fabrics she wants a better look at.  I take upclose pics and send those to her.  She makes her final decisions, I give her an estimate for all the supplies including thread.  I tack on shipping, gas and some for me for my time.  I give her the final amount, she PayPals me, then I can immediately use my PayPal debit card without having to come back.  So that's how we do it.  She also sometimes asks me to ship her craft supplies and such that she can't find overseas.

My twin has a party planning business where she lives and also sells party supplies like Helium & Latex balloons, favors and such.  Her favorite crafting medium are the scrapbooking papers.  She uses her Cricut alot to make favor boxes, cupcake toppers, etc.  My favorite medium is fabric.

Does anyone else ship stuff like this to family or friends overseas?  How many of yall have family that commission you to sew for them?

And this is my boy, Antar.  He loves to lay on fabric & papers.  He kept wanting to lay on what I was sewing.  I would push him away and he would lay right back down.  After about 4 shoves he finally moved to another corner of the table.  I just had to grab my camera & take a quick pic!  So cute.


  1. Your twin is lucky to have such a talented and willing sibling!

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