Friday, November 11, 2011

Fab Fabric Friday - Week 11

For today, I thought I would feature these really cool Hawaiian/Beach themed fabric bundles.  There are lots to choose from at  I know that the season for sun & surf is several months away, but hey, we can still think about it.

These are some really fun fabrics.  The creative ideas are endless:  Pool Side pillows, cabana/beach house kitchen towels, bath curtains, shower curtain, baby gifts for the family that lives where the sun always shines, quilts, beach cover up, sundress, boys' swim trunks, beach bag, etc.

What would yall make?


  1. I love funky quilts and have my eye on Craizy Daisy for a while now.

  2. Crazy Daisy is great and would make a super fun quilt...or some great pillows...oooo or maybe some great curtains. Oh the possibilities are endless.

  3. Oh these are fantastic! My daughter who is now 24 was adopted when she was 11. She is part Hawaiian, and these would make a fantastic quilt for her.. I can't decide which I like the best for her.. but I'm a bit drawn to Aloha Surf Time.

  4. Neat fabrics! I really like the Wave Surf Time but can see any of them as a bag or pillows!


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