Friday, November 11, 2011

Casting Call for Guest Bloggers!

Hey Yall, If anyone is interested in sharing a tutorial you created or showing off something really cool that you made, by all means PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Basicly how you do a Guest Post is you pretend as if you are typing up a post on your own blog.  Include pictures and any links as you normally do.  Then click on EDIT HTML in the upper right corner right above where you are typing.  You will then do a select all kind of thing, copy the entire post, then paste into a blank email to me.  I will then copy it, paste it into the EDIT HTML box on my own blog in a New Post, then click the COMPOSE button.  VOILA!  I have your guest post!  Does this make sense?

What we can do is you just type up a short paragraph or a few bullet points about yourself under your face picture preferably.  If you don't want to include a picture of yourself, no biggie.

Then under that you can include a highlight picture of your awesome project/full tutorial with a link that directs readers to your blog.  If the tutorial is already on your blog or you planned to put it on your blog, just do a post as mentioned above and link back to your blog's tutorial post.  There is no rush for this, just whenever.  Regardless if you want to show off or post a tutorial on my blog, make sure you do a post on your own blog telling your readers that you are Guest Blogging at KoolBeenz & please include one of my graphics in the button section on the right side bar.

I will proofread and correct any typos as needed before posting.  Don't forget to grab my GUEST BLOGGER button on the right side bar!  :)


  1. I have no idea exactly what you're interested in but I just posted one about 5 minutes ago on a large project bag I just made.

  2. Not sure what sort of projects you are looking for, but I am awfully proud of this one:

  3. Hi April. I have a new pattern that I could share. Email me the specifics.

  4. I would be interested in doing a guest post, I already have a couple tuts up and would enjoy sharing one of them with your readers.


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