Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't you hate it when........................

You go to get a plastic food storage container & THEY ARE ALL GONE!  They leave the house & NEVER COME BACK HOME!  UGH!  I mean, I HAD tons of them with lids and now they have vanished into thin air!

Has this happened to any of yall?  It's not funny, but I labeled it as such because some would find it funny, especially men.


  1. Don't you love how you still have heaps of lids though! My draw is full of lids with no containers!

  2. I'm like Jessica, I always have lots of lids, not so many containers, and none that match the lids. lol I have to clean it out periodically or it drives me nuts.
    Thanks for the guest blogging gig today...it was fun!

  3. Me too Jessica :-) This post made me smile :-)


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