Monday, March 28, 2011

Soft on the Skin

Well, I have several medium sized minky scraps just lying around, so I decided to make some more washcloths.  I personally use one.  They are not really meant for exfoliating, but they are soft & gentle on the skin.  I love washing my face with one in-between my exfoliating days.  Would be great in a relaxing bubble bath alone or with a partner.  I also think they would be good for rubbing on the skin during a massage.

I made several of 2 different kinds.  The first ones are sewn right sides together, pinned in all 4 corners and on each side, turned inside out, then sewn around the edges using my 1/4 inch foot.  The 2nd kind are wrong sides put together, pinned in all 4 corners and each side, since I don't have a Serger I zig zagged around the edges using my 1/4 inch foot, then 1/8 inch trimmed from the edges with a rotary cutter to make all edges even for both fabrics.  They are about 6 inches square.  The pink one at the very bottom is for a small girl and it's about 5 inches square.  I also made some of the 2nd kind in 4 inch square for a 1 year old baby boy.  I made several of each kind, enough to last a couple of weeks or so.

The 2nd style have been straight stitch quilted with an X pattern.  The little flip on the 2nd style shows the color for the other side.

Let me know which style you like better.  I personally feel that the 2nd ones are easier to make.

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