Saturday, March 26, 2011

Candy for the Fridge!

Besides fabrics, I have a major fetish for magnets.  I love bright colors & candy as well.  So I mixed them all together to make some fun magnets!  These are gifts, hence the cello bags.  I have resin jewelry molds but prefer making magnets instead.  I think my favorite magnets to make are the M&M's ones!  It's great that they come in all kinds of color combinations throughout the year for the holidays & seasons.  I have several other resin molds as well.

My friend is going to help me with my camera settings, so that future pictures will be sharper.   The circles are 2.25 inches in diameter and are made with the inside of a Resin Bangle mold.  The small stars are about 1 inch diameter, the large star is about 1.5 inch diameter, the heart is about 2 inch diameter, the square is about 1.25 inch diameter (Remember Runts candy?).

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