Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fat Quarter Friends Swap for April 2015 + update on my uterus issue

Hey Yall!

It's been about 6 months since yall last heard from me.  If you remember I went to Egypt in July 2014 to have surgery on my uterus.  After I got back to the states my uterus issue starting coming back in October.  It made me severely depressed and worried.  All I seemed to want to do was sleep or stay in bed.  I didn't feel like doing laundry, changing clothes, brushing my hair or even taking a shower.  My doctor said that the medicine takes time to work.  This contributed to me developing social anxiety which I've never had in my life!  It was so bad I didn't even want to check any of the Social Media apps on my phone.  I didn't check Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.  I even developed Agoraphobia which is the fear of going outside.  I wouldn't even open the door to check my mailbox which is right outside my front door frame.  I went for a biopsy on Dec 11th and it wasn't good.  I just went for another 3 month biopsy of my uterus on March 12th.  Still not good.  I went 2 days ago to speak with my Oncologist about trying a newly researched & developed medicine that is very promising for women with my issue (thick uterus lining).

Anyway, now I am getting past my Social Anxiety and I'm ready to get my life back to normal.  I've decided to downsize my Social Media sites so I am putting my blog aside and replacing it with my Facebook page.  I created this page "Fat Quarter Friends Fabric Swap" to keep up with the swap announcements plus to show all past swap pictures.  The Facebook page makes it easy for you to post questions & comments as well.

To sign up for the April Swap, click here:

To join the Fat Quarter Friends Facebook Page, click here:

I will continue to email all past participants to announce the next month's swap.  I do realize that not everyone is on Facebook so emailing will help those non-Facebookers continue to participate with the swaps.


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