Sunday, January 5, 2014

I'm So Sorry for Leaving Yall Hanging the Past Few Months......................

I need to make a major apology.  I was really sick and had to go away for a few months for some "Emotional & Physical healing".  I didn't have time to post anything on my blog or send any emails when I left.  Plus I had to deal with my mom's medical issues out of state.  Where I was at, the internet was "Dial Up" with a high rate of "Hit & Miss", therefore I was forced to do without internet for a few months.  This resulted in the October Fat Quarter Friends Swap being totally skipped. (WHICH WILL RESUME IN FEB WITH SIGN-UPS STARTING JAN 15TH)

As of today, I'm back in Houston doing well and I am ready to slowly get back to my normal life which includes blogging, setting up my sewing studio & getting back into sewing & photography.

I just saw yall's personal emails checking on me.  Melissa, whom I have swapped fabric with a couple of times even sent me a card in the mailing to see if I was okay.  I just opened the card and the emails which were very well received and I was truly touched.  I even showed them to my husband and he smiled.

Well, it is 8:10 pm and I need to get ready to go back to work tomorrow.



  1. Glad you're back that glad that things are getting better for you.

  2. So happy to have you back! Excited to see a better 2014 headed your way!

  3. So happy to have you back! Excited to see a better 2014 headed your way!

  4. I'm glad you are back and feeling like getting into things again.

  5. I was wondering what happened to you. No blogs or emails. In fact you have a retreat email in your email back log.
    So glad you're on the mend!

  6. I was wondering if life was getting in your way. I think of you every time I write on my calendar. Too bad they aren't available again this year. Thanks for the links last year. Take your time getting back in the groove.

  7. I was just thinking about you -
    Houston Modern Quilt Guild
    the lady sewing the hexies

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