Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New & FREE Craftsy Online Quilting Class - Pictures to Pixel Quilts

I just LOVE Craftsy!  I have taken several of their classes and would highly recommend them to anyone.  FREE Classes are added regularly!  I love how I can watch the lessons over and over, that I can ask the instructor questions & that my access never expires.  Click either image to learn more about Craftsy or the class.


View a beloved, historic art form through a modern lens. Caro Sheridan turns eye-popping digital photos into conceptual works of pieced-together art.

 Learn It
  • How to select the right photo for use in your quilt
  • The art of pixelating a photo to maximum benefit
  • To transfer pixelated photos onto spreadsheet or graph paper
  • Formulas for calculating yardage and cut-size needs 
  • Tips for cutting, organizing and sewing blocks
Make It
  • A quilt made from a custom template based on your own pixelated photo or
  • A pixel-style quilt using Caro Sheridan’s template

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