Friday, March 8, 2013

Just moved to Houston - Been away from blogging for a couple of months now............

Hey Yall,

As yall probably have noticed.................or may not.................that I haven't blogged in about 2 months.  I had planned on doing the QUILT BLOCK ON THE MONTH..........WITH A TWIST in Feb and that got put on hold.  Since last June I was in temporary housing and had no sewing space except for the size of a card table so I didn't sew.  I had very limited internet access, I got busy and couldn't find time to blog. 

Then my new hubby told me at the beginning of Feb that he was moving us to Houston on Feb 16th!  Though I like it here in Houston, we are in temporary housing AGAIN with one of his friends.  I shipped all of my fabric, serger machine and sewing supplies and that was a whopping UPS bill of $130!  I carried my regular sewing machine on the plane as a carry on in my luggage and boy did the TSA give me problems with that!  Asking why I was flying with a sewing machine in the cabin, scanned it, swabbed it down with chemicals then analyzed the cotton pads, etc.

Anywhoo!  As soon as I find a job here I can start buying fabric and sewing tables to set up a sewing space for myself.  Then I will be able to get back to working on projects and can FINALLY start my Block of the Month series!  I do have other plans for things but don't want to say too much at this point.  BOY HAVE I BEEN FEENIN' TO BUY SOME FABRIC!  BUT THAT HAS TO WAIT!  ARGH!

In the meantime, I will blog about cool things I see and useful info to share.  I apologize that my blogging won't be so exciting until I'm able to start sewing again.

Any fellow bloggers in the HOUSTON MODERN QUILT GUILD?????


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  2. Welcome to Texas! Bless your heart. I can't imagine being in temporary housing for that long. Ugh! Hope you find a place to settle soon. Hang in there kiddo.

  3. Well welcome to Houston! Hope you find a job and a place of your own. I can tell you where the quilt shops are...LOL.. I bet you've already investigated that.

  4. Texas is my home state. Hubby has relatives near Houston (me, too). We grew up in West Texas (dry, not humid). Maybe you can find a job at a quilt store, there are lots of them in/near Houston. I know you've blogged about the calendars (thanks, I'm using the ones I've printed off to keep track of what I'm working one and when). Take a trip to Galveston, and eat at Gaido's for some yummy seafood.

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