Sunday, March 31, 2013

April 2013 FREE Printable Calendar - by Hello Cuteness

This is a really cute FREE printable calendar from Hello Cuteness.  Click the calendar image to be taken to her blog where you can print.

Hmm, it looks like little ladybug thinks Marcie Duck’s rainboots are her family!


  1. Thanks April! I was going to try to find her calendar on your blog, but, you beat me to it (thank goodness, since I can't seem to find my way around her site very well). Just printed my new calendar out.

    1. Hey Cheryl, I love her calendars and hundreds of people find them through my blog. Each December I will add all of her calendars to automatically post a couple of days before the end of the previous month, like what I did this year. If I do it all at once ahead of time, I don't have to keep track and remind myself to do it. Glad I was able to help. So never fret, they will always show up right before the end of the month.


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