Friday, November 16, 2012

Quilt Tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company - Disappearing 4 Patch Quilt Block

I follow the YouTube Channel for the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Their newest video is for a Disappearing 4 Patch Block.  I really like the look of it and at first was trying to figure out how she made the blocks.  Boy, was I totally wrong!  Jenny shares this awesome, but easy technique using charm squares (5" squares of pre-cut fabric).  Jenny is a hoot and always does something in her videos to make me laugh, this video is no exception!


  1. I always love her videos. They are so easy to follow and she really is funny. Thanks for the link to the new one. We did that block for a lotto block a few months ago, and it's so easy!

  2. Thanks for sharing this video!


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