Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SewMamaSew GiveAway Day Starts Next Week (Dec 3rd)!

I always get excited about the SewMamaSew GiveAway Days!  Well, actually it's a week long GiveAway but nonetheless it's fun and I have won a few things myself from it.  It's a Bi-Annual event that happens each May and December.  It's truly a HUGE EVENT!  Each time it takes me several hours each day just to enter all the GiveAways I like.  It's just like having a full time job that week!

Blogs from all over the WORLD participate by linking up their own GiveAways of sewing/crafting supplies and handmade goods.  I will have several sewing supplies to give away myself.  CLICK THE BUTTON ABOVE FOR MORE DETAILS.



  1. thanks! I might've missed that! So, let me ask you, i have a handmade bag that I purchased and cannot use. is it fair to give that away? It's not used and it is handmade.

    1. Hey Michelle, you most certainly can! What I and most people do is go ahead and create the blog post but save it. The morning of Dec 3rd, usually around 6am EST you can link up your blog post. Check the SewMamaSew blog post I have included in my post, a couple of days beforehand to make sure of the time you can start linking. There are a few categories and one of them is handmade bags. That is where you will link up your bag's blog post.


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