Thursday, November 15, 2012

Need Help with Naming a New Product at Work!

Hey Yall, I know this is not related to sewing or quilting.  The company that I work for manufacturers and retails natural/organic/vegan/vegetarian bath, body & hair care products from SCRATCH (no premade bases).  We are coming out with a new product that is basicly a whipped type of creamy soap for the shower & bath.  We are having a problem coming up with a name and I wanted to see if any of yall had any ideas.  The company owners would like Luxurious in the title. They suggested Luxurious Bathing Butter.  I suggested Luxurious Whipped Bathing Butter.  They like the idea but think it's a mouth full.  We like the Bathing Butter idea but we are stumped.  Smoothie & Souffle are out because we don't have food type scents, instead we will have luxurious type scents like what you might smell in a department store.

If we choose your suggestion for our new product's name, I will send you a full size jar of the product in your chosen scent (there will be 6 scents to match other products in the line).


  1. I'm assuming you need a load, so here goes:
    Bathing Buttercream
    Luxurious Bathing Buttercream
    Luxurious Whipped Creme
    Luxurious Buttercream
    Lux Butter
    Lux Bathing Butter
    Luxurious Body Meringue (oh, mama likey!)
    Luxurious Whipped Body Butter
    Sumptuous Bathing Meringue
    Extravagant Bathing Butter
    And a few you should probably dismiss but you need a laugh right now so here goes:
    REd Butt Monkey Butter
    Stiff Peaks Cream
    Idolized icing
    Viper Bait
    Cougar Call Cream (oh, wait, I need some of that...)
    Whipped and Likin' It Butter
    Whipped, Stripped, and Dipped in Buttercream
    Boy Toy Bathing Butter (oops, I'm seeing a trend here and I think it's Freudian)

    Good Luck, sister!

  2. I was going to go with just Luxurious body butter.

  3. What about just Luxurious Bath Butter?

  4. Luxurious Body Cleanser or Luxurious Bathing Creme

  5. Thinking that the name needs to catch the eye and the imagination, how about:
    Whip Me Luxuriously
    Whip Me Luxury
    or just
    Luxurious(ly) Whip

    1. hmmm, or maybe
      Luxuriously Me
      Luxurious Whip

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