Sunday, November 25, 2012

Advent Calendar - Tutorial - for both Scrapbooking & Fabric Lovers

My twin who lives in Saudi just made this cute Advent Calendar & texted me the pictures.  Though she covered the boxes with digital scrapbooking designs printed on paper, they can be made with fabric too.

  • Canvas on wood frame painted red, size 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28") - find this in almost any craft store.  You could even cover the canvas in holiday fabric.  You can adjust the size of the canvas & boxes according to your needs & what size supplies you find.
  • 24 red square jewelry boxes in size 3.5".  She just happened to have red boxes but you can use green or white.  She ordered them online in the past and had them on hand already.
  • A different paper cover for each box in size 3.25" square or so (BUT YOU COULD COVER THEM IN FABRIC INSTEAD).  She edited the digital scrapbooking paper images to include the date in the upper right hand corner before she printed.
  • Each box is attached to the board with velcro.
  • She said she plans to put small toys, candies & little slips of paper with holiday activities in them for the kids to do.  As for holiday activities, she is pretty limited because it doesn't snow in Saudi.  But you can be as creative as you like (i.e. watch holiday movie, make cookies, make fudge, make cards for friends/relatives/classmates, etc).

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