Monday, August 27, 2012

Do You Pin? - Pinterest that is!! + Life Update

Hey Yall, I know I haven't been posting regularly lately.  Shame on Me & smack my hands with a ruler!  After I got back from Saudi at the beginning of June I moved, then I moved again temporarily until my final place is ready.  Then the Islamic Month of Ramadan happened, then I got the flu and now have Bronchitis!  PHEWEEE!  Being that I have been in temporary housing I have no place to sew and am really feeling the sewing itch!  So for the meantime, I will be posting sewing/quilting related things that I find on the internet and in my email box (subscriptions) + sharing sewing/quilting tutorials that I find from other blogs.  I also need to get back on track with my giveaways as I haven't had one in a little bit.  So that's what is going on in my neck of the woods!



I first heard about Pinterest a few months ago and told myself I wouldn't even go to the website because I didn't want to add another Social Networking site to what I am already doing now (I have a Facebook Page, a few blogs that I do, Flickr, etc).  Well, my friend happened to have a torn out article lying on her kitchen table and it caught my attention.  The title is PINTEREST DEMYSTIFIED.  It's from the Outreach NC magazine.  So I thought that I would take a gander.  It says that this past January Pinterest hit 10 million unique users and became the fastest growing social media website in history!  It was just launched in March of 2010.  It grew more than 400% in one year alone!  WOWZERS!

So I decided to go to the website to check it out.  I already knew how the concept worked but didn't want to add another website for me to keep up with.  I ended up liking it's simplicity, variety& how it was ALL VISUAL (I'm a visual person).  So I decided to sign up for an account, mainly to pin recipes, tutorials from my blog, beautiful places in the world and such.  I KNEW I WAS PINNED (HOOKED)!  Then I knew I had to add a follow me button to my blog............which is right up there at the top left sidebar.  You can follow me if you like but this post is not to get followers.  This post is merely for blog content and to give info on Pinterest and how I got started.

After adding a Pinterest follow me button on my blog's sidebar, I knew I had to add all the popular Social Networking Share buttons to the bottom of each blog post.  So at the bottom of each post, you will see buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email to someone & Pinterest.  So feel free to share anything on my blog.

If you PIN, please let us know below.  Also let us know what you think of the website and what types of boards you have.

So, have YOU pinned today!?


  1. Yes I pin, sometimes it's addictive, sometimes not, today I pinned a stuffed toy giveaway I won for my little girl =)

  2. I do pin and am an addict :) I have lots of quilting tutorials and quilting info on mine. I have not figured out how to put the pin it button on my blog posts though.

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