Thursday, June 14, 2012

Have you Noticed that Mattresses are Getting Thicker? - 7 New Sizes for Quilts, Bedspreads, etc.

This info was shared with the Dhahran Oasis Quilt Guild in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.  I thought I would share it with yall.

As you may know if you've bought a new mattress recently, many are thicker than their predecessors, which makes the top of the mattress farther from the floor.  Quilts scaled to the thinner mattresses may not hang as you'd wish, so as of this issue, measurements have increased for twin, double/full, queen & king to include a longer drop on the sides and bottom.

The dimensions given below are guidelines.  If your quilt will be used on a bed with a thinner mattress, it's coverage will be comfortably generous.

Many new quilt designs dictate these exact and new measurements, but the dimensions below are guidelines just in case.

Dimensions include a 14" drop on the sides and bottom without extra for the pillow tuck.  A comforter is designed to be used with a dust ruffle and pillow shams.  If a quilt exceeds the given width dimensions, it is listed as a Wide Comforter.

Dimensions include a 21' drop on the sides and bottom and 12" for the pillow tuck.  Depending on the mattress thickness, your coverlet may almost reach the floor. 

Note that moderate to heavy quilting may shrink a quilt 1"-3".  Consider this shrinkage when planning the finished size.


Twin (38"x75")
Comforter 66"x89")
Coverlet/Bedspread/Quilt (80"x108")

Long Twin (38"x80")
Comforter (66"x94")
Coverlet/Bedspread/Quilt (80"x113")

Double/Full (54"x75")
Comforter (82"x89")
Coverlet/Bedspread/Quilt (96"x108")

Long Double (54"x80")
Comforter (82"x94")
Coverlet/Bedspread/Quilt (96"x113")

Queen (60"x80")
Comforter (88"x94")
Coverlet/Bedspread/Quilt (102"x113")

King (76"x80")
Comforter (104"x94")
Coverlet/Bedspread/Quilt (118"x113")

California King (72"x84")
Comforter (100"x98')
Coverlet/Bedspread/Quilt (114"x117")

I hope this has helped someone!


  1. of course! i buy queen size top sheets for my full size bed and planning on making a queen size quilts to replace the covers and things i'm using now. thanx for the new reference guide.

  2. I noticed this yesterday when I changed the sheets, it looked as though all four corners of the mattress were lifting off the bed!
    Thanks for the info, will remember to check the actual sizes in future, not just assume!

  3. @ Rita & Amanda - You are most welcome! I too am glad I found this info!


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