Monday, April 16, 2012

My New RSS Feed Web Address - 2 ways to update how you follow

My last post was about having problems with my blog posts showing up in Google Reader.  This was brought to my attention for one of my blog's followers.  Well, I ended up copying and pasting the "Original Feed" web address from FeedBurner into my Blog's Settings section which deleted the special created Feedburner web address I was previously using.

So now I need to let everyone know to update their computer with my NEW RSS Feed Web Address.  I hope I am able to notify everyone following my blog.  I can't seem to find a way to contact all RSS Feed followers in FeedBurner.  So I have to email each person in Google Friend Connect that follows me.  I also hope that this blog post will help spread the word.


1: On my left side bar towards the top, you will see an orange RSS icon.  Click on that and follow the steps.

2: Depending on your internet browser, you can click on BOOKMARKS at the top in your menu.  Put your cursor over BOOKMARKS and this will bring up a side floating menu box.  In the floating menu box you will see SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PAGE.  This should appear towards the top, like the 3rd down.  Put your cursor over SUBSCRIBE TO THIS PAGE and to the side it should give you some options on how to follow (I.E. Atom, RSS, etc.)  Choose whichever option you like.



  1. The RSS feed does't work for me. It just has a lot of code in it. :^(

  2. I'm glad you've been able to sort this out. I thought it was only my computer when your new blog posts never showed up, only way back in January. I had tried several times to re-add you to my list but that never helped. What a lovely surprise to see you up at the top of my blog list!

  3. You're still showing in my google reader but I wonder if that's because I use Google Chrome as my search engine? I find it's quicker and has less hassles than IE or Firefox but I'm also on satellite broadband so maybe Chrome and satellite just work toether better.

  4. I haven't seen you in months and now I have a bunch, all saying you posted 17 hours ago :) Thanks for fixing it, I'm happy to see you back.


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