Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free Resource to Learn Hand Embroidery (Almost 60 stitches)

If any of yall are interested in learning hand embroidery, I came across a free resource with great easy to follow/understand videos:

There are almost 60 different stitches that you can learn!


  1. LOL I just started following you ( that sounds so funny) last week but in my reader the only posts that showed were from January- even when I clicked over I was taken straight to January! Weird! I was thinking- ooohkay, she doesnt post much... then I remembered that I read a recent post last week so clicked on "home" and there were posts far as my eyes could see! :) SOmetimes the computer does strange things! :) Have a Marvey Dandy Day!

  2. @Bobbie
    Hey Bobbie,

    That is so odd. I try to post regularly on my blog, sometimes it's more often than others but I do try to be regular or somewhat regular. Thanks for stopping by & following.

  3. That's a great resource! Thanks!

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