Friday, April 13, 2012

Featured Quilter - Echinops & Aster

Echinops & Aster.  "What is that?", you might ask.  I asked myself that too.  Whatever it is, it's in the form of a nice blog run by Janelle.  She lives in Seattle with her hubby and her furbaby kitty.  Janelle is into all sorts of crafts including embroidery which is part of her featured quilt below.  Her blog has tutorials, patterns and all kinds of goodies for you to browse through.

I just had to do a Google search just to make sure what Echinops & Aster are because from the logo artwork, I thought they might be plants of some sort.  Sure enough, Echinops are the purple thistle flower shown below & Aster is the purple daisy looking flower below.  So that my blog friends is your horticulture lesson for today!



Look how gorgeous this quilt is and the embroidery is so beautiful!  Click the image above to see the full post.

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