Monday, January 30, 2012

Designer Fat Quarter Swap 1 - WHO WANTS TO SWAP?

This is a great way to build up your fabric stash with lots of color!  I also plan to do more Rainbow & Designer Swaps in the future so stay tuned!


To avoid each participant from buying alot of fabric, I will limit each swap group to 13 participants because there are 13 fabrics in this collection.  This means that each participant will have to buy only 3.5 yards of fabric.  If I get alot of interest to participate, there will be more groups.  But I will need the total number of participants to be divisible by 13 to create additional groups.  Participants will be grouped together in the order they sign up.  DEADLINE TO SIGN UP IS FEBRUARY 25TH.  PARTICIPANTS MUST BE IN THE USA OR CANADA ONLY.


  • For this round, we are swapping Pillow & Maxfield's Ooh La La collection.  Pictures are below.
  • I know for sure that HAWTHORNE THREADS has this entire collection.  You might find it at other fabric shops as well.
  • I'll assign each person in a group a different fabric.  You need to purchase that fabric only.
  • There are 13 participant slots for each group -- everyone sends 14 Fat Quarters and I'll send you 14 Fat Quarters from other swappers.  You will get 2 FQ of one of the fabrics.
  • Fabric must be New, Unwashed & come from a Smoke Free environment.
  • All fabric must be Post Marked no later than March 3, 2012 (although the sooner the better).  I will return the Fat Quarter packs as soon as all are received.  I hope to have the packages back to you within a week or 2.
  • When mailing your fabric, you must include a Pre-Paid Priority Mail Envelope.  If you do not send the pre-paid envelope, I can't send your Fat Quarters back.  Place your fabric in a heavy Ziploc or other plastic bag.  Include a 3x5 index card or any size piece of paper listing your name, address & email address so I can let you know I received your fabric.  Just fold your pre-paid envelope in half & insert.  Having everything pre-paid will make things so much easier and quicker for me.
  • If you choose to order your fabric online, you can have the fabric shipped directly to me.  I will cut it for you, since Fat Quarters are easier to cut than Charms.  This will avoid you having to pay shipping twice (i.e. fabric shop sends fabric to you to cut, you send fabric to me for swap). 
  • Please note that if you choose to have your fabric shipped directly to me, USA Participants will have to send me a money order for $5.20 in the postal mail.  CANADIAN Participants will have to send me a money order for $13.  This will pay to have your final package shipped back to you via USPS Priority Mail.  If you would rather send the money via PayPal, add $1 to your amount stated above which covers the normal PayPal transaction fees as I do have a business account with PayPal.
  • 3.5 yards of Quilt fabric weighs roughly a tad over 1 lb.  First Class Mail only goes up to 13 ounces.  Which is why USPS Priority Mail is best for this swap.
  • Let me know if you want to have fabric shipped to me and I will give you my home address.
  • How to easily cut a Fat Quarter, if you don't already know how:  You know where the crease is down the middle just like how it comes off the bolt?  You are going to re-iron that.  Open up your 3.5 yard piece of fabric.  Make sure the selvedges match up well.  Selvedges are the perfect sides that have the writing with the color dots & designer info.  Re-iron the crease down the middle, lining up the selvedges.  Cut on that ironed line.  You will have 2 long pieces.  Cut each long piece into 18" wide pieces, making each piece 18x22.  You should end up with 14 Fat Quarters.
  • Please only sign up if you are pretty sure that you can follow through with the swap.  I do realize that things come up in our lives, no biggie.  You won't get scolded or get your hands wacked with a ruler!  Those last signups that don't quite make a group of 13 will get bumped up into groups in the case that someone has to drop out & will be notified.

Please leave a comment below so others can see who is signing up!  :)

Click Here to Sign Up!


  1. Of course I have to sign up. I love this collection!

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