Monday, January 2, 2012

5th Addition to my Sewing Machine Family

A White Sewing Machine model 568 from early 1960s!  I got it last night through my local FreeCycle group!  WHAT A WAY TO START 2012!  I found these pictures online to show what mine looks like because I have yet to take pictures.  This sucker is one of 3 extremely heavy machines in my arsenal, weighing a whopping 36 lbs by itself with no cabinet!

This baby is ALL METAL, no plastic parts whatsoever!   It's only meant to do straight and zigzag stitches.  I am liking the Retro look of it.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I just got a dusty one from an old estate. Iv got to get a bobbin case and go from there! I'm hoping my daughter can use it as a starting machine. :)

  2. I just acquired my White about 2 months ago for 5 bucks with all the attachments. I too plan to give it to my daughter.


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