Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Late Great Aunt Rosie's Old Sewing Machine & her Vintage sheets/fabric

 I totally forgot all about making this blog post until I was just talking with my twin about Rosie's sewing machine.  So, without further ado ~

Back in September, I went to KY to see some of my family with my twin sister Amanda, her hubby and their oldest children which are 3.5 yrs and 2 yrs.  They were visiting me from overseas at the time.  So before out trip to the backwoods of KY and even when we were driving there, I knew that I wanted to go into my late Aunt Rosie's house to see all her antique and vintage stuff that has just been sitting there since her passing a few years ago.

We get to KY and while visiting family, alot of what was on my mind was going across the street to venture into Rosie's house, which is basicly how she left it, just full of her belongings and belongings on my late Uncle that passed a year after her the same month, which was November.  He's my mom's brother and Rosie was my mom's Aunt.

So Amanda and I go venturing around Rosie's house looking through stuff that is small enough to fit in the SUV to bring back home with us.  She went for the kitchen as she is really into kitchen gadgets and cooking.  I like to cook but I went looking for fabrics and old sheets.  Let me tell ya!  That house is full of antique and vintage furniture and decor.  The furniture is all real wood, not that cheap pressed crap.  My Grandma was thinking of setting everything out to the curb to  free up space inside the house and literally you have to squeeze through things to walk by, but I didn't mind because it was like a treasure hunt.  I told my Grandma to keep everything that I will come back with a truck, that I wanted it all!  There are solid wood furniture pieces of my uncle's and other things that are high end.  I said I wanted those too, I wanted everything.  I want to keep them in the family and them not be put out with the trash because they are not trash.  To me they are family and are memories.

So with sheets and such in hand, Amanda with her kitchen stuff my other uncle found a box to put it all in.  So I proceed to go outside to look around, to see what is outside and for memories to roll through my mind, to remember the good times.  Under the carport I recognized a box out of the corner of my eye, to be a sewing machine case.  I lifted it and let me tell ya!  That sucker was so extremely heavy.  I unlatched the rusty locks and lifted the case to find a "Gem".  I exclaimed to my Grandma, "This is a sewing machine.  How could you leave it outside?"  She said she never paid attention, though she sews and has her own machines.  Anyway.  So I take it inside the house and tell Grandma that I will come back for that as well.  I didn't want it outside to get damaged by weather.  So I lifted the top again to take pictures so I could post on my blog and do a little research.

Now keep in mind that the floor is a little dusty as noone lives in the house anymore and the machine needs to be cleaned.  But I think the machine is beautiful!  I don't ever plan on sewing with it but when I get it back home, I will test it to see if it works.  Now I wish I had put it in the SUV to bring it back home with me, but oh well.  Atleast I know it's safe and is waiting for me to give it some love in the future.

So here are the pictures of the machine and the vintage sheets I took from Rosie's house.  I want to quilt with the sheets to keep them in the family in a more visible way but I am afraid to cut them up because they are from a deceased relative.  Any of yall ever dealt with this issue?  I'm afraid I will screw them up or something, though my cutting is pretty good.

Right now as I type this, I am wearing one of Rosie's old gowns and her house slippers.  :)  I loved her so much!  Sometimes when I think about her hard enough, I cry.  Rosie taught Amanda and I how to cook at the age of 5, she babysat us, we were always at her house, we played LOTS of Rummy & Gin, we even lived with her at one point in time in middle school.

This floral fabric below, I want to make a wall hanging out of and not cut it.  How cute would that be!  It's about 6 feet tall.

This brownish fabric below is so Funky & Screams "70s"!  I honestly don't know what to do with it!  Any ideas?

I hope yall enjoyed reading my story!

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