Saturday, November 12, 2011

My NEW Blog: For the Love of Pie!

Hey Yall,

I love me some pie!  I thought about creating a blog solely about Pie.  I googled Pie Blogs to see if there were any "just for Pies" and to my surprise didn't find even one!  I found many recipe & dessert blogs but they were a conglomerate of different categories of recipes.  Now, if I had continued to look through the search result pages I might have found one.

So if you like pie, or even LOVE pie, please follow my blog and even let me know if you want to share your own pie recipes via a guest post.  There will be all kinds of pies:  Cream, Chocolate, Fruit, Nut, etc................even Low Carb!  There are literally THOUSANDS of Pie Recipes out there!

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