Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Blogger: Tote Bag to Carry all your Projects by Tilda's Twisted Life (Tutorial)

Hello to all the Kool Beanz readers! Thank you so much to April for having me over as a guest blogger! My name is Melinda and I blog over at Tilda's Twisted Life.


I am a Georgia girl who started crafting at an early age. I learned to embroider, crochet and cross-stitch from my grandmother and mom as a child. I started making home decor items and some clothing about 12 years ago; this branched off later into lots of bag making. Just about a year ago, I got really interested in quilting so I sort of threw myself into it. Though I created my blogging site earlier, I didn't actually start posting anything until March so I'm slowly working toward a first year anniversary for that as well. I was trying to think of some interesting things about myself. Hmmm....
  • I didn't learn to sew on a machine until I got married. Hubby bought me a machine and actually taught me how (his great grandmother was a seamstress, and his mom and grandmother both sewed!).
  • Hubby and I knew each other in high school but didn't date until I was a senior. After a year of dating, we broke up and didn't see each other at all for 9 years. Then we ran into each other at a hospital we were both working at and we were married within 2 years!
I have been in desperate need for a project bag and searched the internet for what I wanted (with not a lot of luck!). So I decided to take a basic bag and modify it to meet my needs. This bag is BIG, but I give you instructions on how to make it smaller (I'm planning on making a smaller version later!). Want to see it?

Yes, you can make a smaller version! But I love the big one too. I actually took it to our quilting guild's Saturday Sewcial yesterday and it was so nice because EVERYTHING fit in it! I am planning on making a smaller version later with a quilt block front from my X Marks the Spot quilt.  Need a project bag, big or small? I have a great tutorial on my blog.  Come by and check it out!


  1. April -- Great choice for a guest blogger. Melinda rocks. Love the things she creates.

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