Friday, November 18, 2011

Fab Fabric Friday - Week 12

This collection is really sparking alot of interest in my brain.  These are Fat Quarter bundles over at  You can also buy them in yardage.  Click each image to get a better look and read more about these luscious fabrics.

For me, these fabrics have an exotic feel to them.  I love Hot Pink & Lime Green together.  But I do love all these colorways.  Okay, what would I make?  I would sew baby blankets, floor pillows, curtains, baby bibs, some patterns would make great skirts, sewing machine cover, duvet cover, shower curtain, tote bag for my sewing group, etc.  I think it would be cool to make up a bunch of pin cushions for any sewing group as a gift.  Oh yeah, and purses for the upcoming Spring & Summer!

What would yall make?


  1. I would definitely make a quilt. Maybe a tumbler one.

  2. Agreed. This fabric rocks! I keep trying to decide what to do with it so I can have a reason to purchase the fabrics.


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