Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dishwashing Supervisor

Okay, I don't know about yall, but my dishwasher doesn't always get my dishes clean.  It's an older model so that might be it.  So lately I have resulted myself to handwashing dishes again, bringing back memories of having kitchen duty chores as a child.

So yesterday Eevee decides she wants to watch & Supervise to make sure I get the dishes clean.  I went & grabbed my camera to take some shots to show yall.  The last picture shows her taking a nap after the final Inspection because her job is done!


  1. LOL! Too cute! I washed so many dishes as a child that I refuse to do dishes now and I don't have a dishwasher either..............well actually I do, his name is Chris ;)

  2. @Angelina @ April Violet
    Hey Angelina, yeah it's always better to have a human dishwasher, other than yourself. I was just washing dished again, and AGAIN she crawled up onto the counter to observe!

  3. We are kitty cat people here too. She probably wanted to see what was taking up your time away from her :giggle:

  4. You gotta love the kitties! (Separate note, I know if I let my rinse agent get too low the dishes won't clean well.) But back to the cats. They're so lovingly underfoot, I just wish they had opposable thumbs to help instead of just supervise.

  5. @Sue
    I do too, it would be a big help if the cats had those thumbs!


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